From plasterer to fashion designer

Sometimes you wake up with an idea of which you don't really know where it came from, but you know it's something big. It happened to René van Huffel who worked as a plasterer, but always had a great passion for style and fashion. 

He woke up one morning with the idea of ​​creating a comfortable variation of his much worn cargo pants. He had a premonition that there was room for this niche item and he was more than right. The pants became an incredible success and what followed was the first complete Braez collection. René van Huffel has been in charge of BRAEZ from day one and is an example of how successful you can be if you put your mind to it and work hard.

Almost twenty years later, the Amsterdam fashion label still designs clothing collections in which the triptych of comfort, convenience and style is blended into one. If a garment does not fit these three pillars then it will not make the collection that is produced in Istanbul.


Comfort on a pedestal

At BRAEZ we put comfort on a pedestal. The designs are easy to wear and combine. The durable quality and the garment dyed style typify the fashion label that designs for both men and women.

Whether you are looking for the comfy answer to a little black dress or a long t-shirt in the finest stretch. BRAEZ designs clothing with

ease for every moment. So you can go directly from your weekly work-out to your favourite club.




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